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Home Page > Solution > Case Studies >SM Development Corporation 4-tower Residential Project in Philippines Access Control Management Case Study

SM Development Corporation 4-tower Residential Project in Philippines Access Control Management Case Study

Project Description

Standing on a 22,000 sq. m prime location at the corner of Sunrise Drive just a stones away from SM Mall of Asia is a 4-tower project of SMDC blessed generosity in providing first class amenities and most of all, known for perfectly blending a resorts-like residential community with modern naturalism. Perhaps it's time to re-think everything in life. Your outlook, aside of where you live the security is a must. Trusting reliable and dependable equipment of ZKTeco and STI Company’s trustworthy efforts with the undying support of Nanotec Corporation (ZKTeco Philippine Distributor) are the best choice that SM Residences made. We are confident that security assurance provided are well proved and tested.

Client Requirements

Specific Permission and Duration of Access.

The condominium has a heavy number of population. To ensure the protection of unit owners and their belongings, Shell Residences need access control system. A residential building as it is, |the residents and visitors should only be permitted to have access of the floor they live in. Different access permission need to be set for different units and amenities.

Verification Mode for Door and Parking Access.

As our client desired to obtain a complete security, it required combination of verification. They required the combination of RFID, high-speed scanners and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as a protection of the individuals within the areas.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device Model

Access Control

ZKTeco Green Label Physical Mifare DesFire Card Access Reader

ProID20 BD

ZKTeco Green Label Phy sical Mifare DesFire Card Access Reader RS


ZKTeco Electromagnetic Lock

AL-280 (LED)

ZKTeco L-Bracket For Electromagnetic Lock


ZKTeco Green Label Access Control Panel

InBio460 Pro

ZKTeco Power Supply w/ Battery Leads


ZKTeco Emergency Break Glass

EB-900A (Green)

ZKTeco Push Button Switch


ZKTeco Elevator Control


ZKTeco Elevator Floor Extension Board


Web based security platform

ZKBio Security 3.0

ZKTeco Z Bracket for Electromagnetic Lock


ZKTeco U Bracket for Electromagnetic Lock


ZKTeco UHF RFID Reader


ZKTeco Green Label InBio260 Pro Access Control Panel w/ PSU & Metal Casing

InBio260 Pro Box

Technical Features

? Flexible System Operation and Management. It offers convenient entry management and visitor tracking capacity with its built-in programs to authorize the people to enter and designate the entry time and restricted areas, etc.

? The project is deployed with a solution of integration of access control and entrance control. Advanced access control capabilities are built into the hardware, including anti-pass back, Dual and multi-Card Authentication, and Duress Mode.

? All access control readers and elevator control modules are connected to and managed by the ZKBiosecurity Software.

Function Description

? EC10 and EX16 deployed in this solution are specially designed for elevator control. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control floor access. During normal visits/business hours, unrestricted floor access can also be permitted.

? Alarm System Integration. If the doors are opened illegally or forcibly, or the doors are not closed after timeout, authorized personnel try to open the doors beyond the authorized period of time, and the system automatically generates alarm. All access controls are interconnected with Inbio460Pro and managed by ZKBioSecurity Software.

? Online & Offline Mode. This system can work in both online or offline mode. ZKBiosecurity provides the most advanced solution with a whole new user experience.

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