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Enterprise Vision

We regard values as seeds, culture as trees and state of mind as soil, without mind there is no seed, without core value there is no culture.


Responsibility is a major indicator for ZKTeco to measure individual spiritual quality, which penetrates our mutual commitment to customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders in social relations.


As for culture and self-discipline of ZKTeco, integrity is the most important guidance of common values and the cornerstone of all virtues. Integrity reminds us to insist on correct orientation, dare to admit mistakes, and keep to our beliefs.


Being practical-minded means to be down-to-earth, practical and realistic. Fundamentally, it is to proceed from reality, boldly upholding truth and science and dauntlessly correcting errors.


In ZKTeco, excellence means being a world-class enterprise and providing top-standard innovated products and services. The process of being a sustainable excellent enterprise with unremitting efforts and struggles makes a good annotation for ZKTeco to pursue excellence. 

Enterprise Mission

ZKTeco's goal is to share our highly developed, revolutionary biometric technology to benefit businesses and people.

Enterprise Mission

Enterprise Vision

Brand: To become the world's recognized leader in outstanding innovation and pioneering technologies in security and time management solutions.

Partners: Cultivate a winning network of partners, maximize profit margins for our partners, provide richer solutions and create mutual enduring value.

Efficiency: Be a highly effective, fast-moving and nimble organization. Provide effective solutions that help organizations improve management efficiencies.

Social Responsibility: As a leading, worldwide solutions provider in the industry, it is our duty to give back to society. We will do our part to support worthy causes that contribute to a peaceful, environmentally sound and a sustainable planet.

Responsibility: Be mindful of our commitment to our customers and partners at all times. This means consistently responding to the needs of our customers and partners in a timely, courteous, professional and understanding manner.

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