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Industry Description

Industry Description

Cloud Based Mobile Time Attendance Solution

Timecube is a cloud platform specialized for professional service, it combines the smart attendance terminal and Timecube’s HR management system to perfectly generate an enterprise management cloud platform. With Timecube, users are able to solve various problems of enterprises’ attendance, personnel management and collaborative office, and quickly achieve informatized management.

Cloud Based Mobile Time Attendance Solution

Mobile Attendance

ZKTeco TIMECUBE Time attendance App. is designed to provide employees a time attendance software that employees can record their attendance anywhere within boundaries of the company areas. The solution gives a mobile connection to TIMECUBE which allows users to use their Android or iPhone to punch-in whenever and wherever they need.

Mobile Punch In and Punch Out for Time Attendance Records

User just simply turn on the application on iPhone and Android. Click the punch-in button, the clock-in will be recorded.

Leave Request & Approval

With the mobile app., users may apply for leaves or field duties instantly in any mobile device, which provides quick and easy approvals without complicated and time-consuming procedures.

Employee (Leave Application Requested to Administrator)

TIMECUBE APP. is designed to allow employees to apply leave, just simply click the button and fill in the reason to apply annual leave on certain day.

Management (Leave Application Approval & Reject)

After the employees applied the leave via TIMECUBE APP., administrator can approve or reject a leave application of your team member in the Approve/ Reject leaves page.

Field Operation - GPS Track

With the instant positioning function of field duties, and photo-capturing attendance, the preciseness of attendance is ensured, managing staffs’ field duty attendance is no long difficult.

GPS Tracking - Reporting to Administrator

With the mobile app., the positions of staffs can be precisely obtained through position reporting.

GPS Tracking - Approval & Reject

After the employees applied the GPS leave request via TIMECUBE APP., Administrator can approve or reject a leave application of your team member in the Approve/ Reject leaves page.

Field Operation - GPS Track with Photo Capture

TIMECUBE allows employees to capture their image with GPS location function and report to the Administrators which can ensure employees arrived the right location.

Personnel Management

Timecube is able to manage, review, and edit personnel’s basic information, position information, contact, and academic background etc.; it is convenient for managing sta_s to easily make use of personnel’s information and save the manpower for manual review of print materials.

Attendance Analytic

To save time and manpower, Timecube offers one-click analysis of staffs’ attendance including different shifts, shift groups, overtime duties and o_-duty shifts etc. exceptions.

Shift Management

Timecube supports multiple timeslots classified by colors; it is able to divide a shift into 5 timeslots and 10 free points which provides higher flexibility; Each shift’s setting can be customized specifically; Timecube supports fixed overtime duty shift timeslot.

Zone Management

With Timecube’s zone attendance management function, management staffs are enabled to sit in the headquarter, and easily but effectively real-time manage all attendance of all branches to save manpower and time.

Employee Personal Check

Users can view their annual leave and sick leave in leave balance via the TIMECUBE APP.

Unlimited Log-In

The quantity of areas and the number of personnel in an area are not limited, which enable Timecube to perfectly achieve the inter-area personnel management.

Easy Installation

TIMECUBE offers a costly, convenient while high-quality informatized management tool, which is non-implemented and is very easy to use time attendance that does not require any external server, and users just simply install the Android and iPhone APP, you never need to install or manage a license server when you use our cloud service.

Cloud Based Mobile Time Attendance Solution

Cloud Based Mobile Time Attendance Solution


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