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Industry Description

Industry Description

Electronic Mailboxes and Intelligent Lockers Solution

- Supports electronic mailboxes and lockers

- Allows making payments by swiping cards

- Allows opening mailboxes or lockers by scanning QR Codes

- Multi Card Technologies: Supports HID Proximity, HID iClass, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire EV1/ EV2, LEGIC, ID Proximity?

Electronic Mailboxes and Intelligent Lockers Solution

ZKTeco's intelligent smart locker solution offers intelligent, digital and customized services suitable for both?individual and multi-occupancy buildings. ZKBiosecurity, our comprehensive and powerful solution software makes lives easier. The system is also designed to support payment making and real-time tracking. It requires the minimum maintenance and reduces manpower.

Electronic Mailboxes

By simply swiping RFID cards, you can easily access your mailboxes with our technology. No more extra keys in your key-chains. You may also set up two-factor authentication for your mailbox which helps avoid an unauthorized person opening the mailbox.

Swiping Cards

The access control system can be integrated into the mailboxes to handle mail in a secure and?controlled environment. By just simply swiping cards on the reader, the corresponding mailboxes will be opened.

Dual Authentication

Operation requires keypads and cards. High security applications may require multiple means of authentication. By just simply swiping cards over the reader and entering PINs, the system will open the doors of the corresponding mailboxes.

Intelligent Parcel Delivery Lockers

Using ZKTeco’s RFID technology on postal parcel lockers, users can access and manage their storage securely by just simply presenting cards or QR Codes. Our ZKTeco technology can also be used for other purposes such as making payments.

Swiping Cards to Open Lockers

By simply holding your card over the reader, the locker will be opened and corresponding amount will be deducted through our payment system.

Scanning QR Codes

ZKTeco allows you to open lockers with QR codes. All you need to do is to scan QR Codes over the readers at the lockers. If the QR codes are authorised, the system will open the corresponding lockers.?

Build in intelligence

ZKTeco’s intelligent smart locker solution helps secure the storage and delivery of parcels for home owners. We provide intelligent, digital and customized services suitable for both individual and multi-occupancy buildings with the powerful ZKTeco software - ZKBioSecurity and get everything value-added.

Pop-up Notification

When users picked up the mail or parcels from the mailboxes or lockers, ZKBioSecurity will send them pop-up messages through different channels, such as SMS and Email.

Global Linkage - Monitoring Video Pop-up

The security linkage system comprises a video monitoring system. If there is an unexpected event, such as someone swiping an unauthorized card on the card reader, a monitoring video will pop up to warn the administrator. Video length could be up to 180 seconds.

Supporting Various Cards Format

ZKTeco’s products will be able to handle most of the RFID cards, such as EM Card,MIFARE, DESFire EV1, HID Proximity, HID iCLASS, Felica and Type B.

Electronic Mailboxes and Intelligent Lockers Solution

Electronic Mailboxes and Intelligent Lockers Solution


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