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Industry Description

Industry Description

ZKBioSecurity Elevator Control Solution : One Touch To Access All Areas

- Unlimited Guards & Admin Accounts

- One Touch To Access All Areas

- Multi Card Technologies:

- Support HID Proximity, HID iClass, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire EV1/ EV2, LEGIC, ID Proximity

- Support Biometric Technology: Fingerprint & Finger Vein & Palm & Face Recognition

- Full Functioned Visitor Module

- Anti-Passback and Global Interlock

Elevator control with designated level 

Levels Assigned by Users

ZKTeco elevator control allows different user to access doors, it can be assigned with different door access rights, and unauthorized users are not allowed to access those important doors. In the actual implementation, users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow user to reach to the assigned level. This will enable the security management of the whole building elevator access control using the elevator controller installed on each elevator car.

Elevator Operation Limitation by Timeslots

ZKTeco Elevator Control is able to limit elevators’ operation in specific time. For actual implementation, if the elevator control was set to stop operating to go upward between 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Unauthorized persons will only be allowed to go downward even with cards for door access.

Global Interlock

Global Interlock is another advanced security function that enhances security level by interacting with different security areas. It prevents persons opening more than one door at a single time even the persons have multiple door access authorities. It also is able to precisely appoint access authorities including activations of access authorities of specific doors only when the correlated doors are locked up properly.


Elevator, control allows users to stop the elevator on the specific time, and grants elevator to operate if the elevator to work if there is a booking for the other location. For example, to book the classrooms for teaching and the elevator, the users just simply click out the corresponding date and time via ZKBioSecurity software web based platform and get approval by pressing a hand or finger to a scanner. This proven and recognized biometric procedure ensures that the person is authorised and has a right to book a room and working time of the elevator.

Online Mode/ Offline Mode

ZKTeco elevator control can either operate in online or online mode. 

Online Mode: Require TCP/IP, and all elevator access transaction is stored locally in elevator controller and automatically upload to back end server. Offline Mode: Offline data can be read with current

Mifare which will not require the TCP/IP. The advantage of using online mode is the old elevator will also be able to install the elevator control with the low installation cost.

One Touch To Access All Areas

Global Linkage

ZKBioSecurity provides the Global Linkage Service to the user. It is able to automate system functions and notifications system wide. 

There are multiple tiers to the alert process including Output point, Video Linkage, Active Time, Email Notification and Linkage Voice Prompts.

Output point

With Global I/O, Output point allows administrators to configure linkages where various events can be linked to any other input/ output/ events in the system. These linkages can be activated by various events with different access level, invalid card, unrecognized finger-print read and motion detection might trigger such outputs (Alarm, IP Camera... etc.).

Video Linkage
Photo Capture and Pop-up video to warn administrator when exceptional events take place. Video could include footage before the events happened. Video length could be up to 180 seconds.

Active Time

Administrator can set an active time for the linkage by pre-defined time zones or date range.

Email Notification

Email notification allows an operator to send a message via email automatically whenever a specific trigger occurs.

Linkage Voice Prompts

Voice linkage will announce series of warning messages which are accompanied by siren sounds. These linkage the announcements will be caused by particular action.

ZKBioSecurity Elevator Control Solution : One Touch To Access All Areas

ZKBioSecurity Elevator Control Solution : One Touch To Access All Areas


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